To be “Manufacturer of Ideas” is always our objectives at Stand Tools.
Since 1988, Stand Tools has successfully initiated tow product categories-ratchet screwdrivers and magnetic tools. These innovative and utility products have proven that our R&D spirit conforms to the trends and leads the enterprise to survive in a competitive business. From 2004 summer, Stand Tools firstly started to develop digital torque wrench in Taiwan. After 4-year experiments and research, on 2008 Stand Tools launched the first MIT digital torque wrench, or DG-II. This digital torque wrench is not merely a device but shows the professionalism of Stand Tools.

The brains and manpower behind Stand Tools’ continuing program to develop the electronic and mechanical parts for a digital torque wrench series reflect a strong team that includes three brothers: Alston, Calvin, and Brand Hsiao., the director of the Engineering Department and the Sales Department respectively. Based on their formal training in electronics and marketing and coupled with passion and determination, this three-brother team eventually turned an innovative idea into reality.

R&D is the spirit of Stand Tools, and its new images are Energetic, Technological, and Innovative. Like our new spearhead logo, Stand Tools always steps on the front line, and steers the industry as a leader to a new level.


What is laboratory accreditation?
Laboratory accreditation is a method showing the characters, technology, system, and quality control of the lab to the world. The accreditation body, or the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), will examine our laboratory, and supervise us if the lab do follow ISO:17025, local laws, international standard, and regulation required by TAF. The lab will be evaluated by the TAF carefully, no matter the quality control or the experiment process and results. Stand Tools Calibration Laboratory is one of TAF’s accredited calibration labs for torque wrenches and torque transducers.

Why laboratory accreditation?
By laboratory accreditation, the reports produced from the accredited labs are valid in most countries in the world, and accepted by other labs. Customers will have much more confidence to the validity of reports.

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