The DG®-II digital torque wrench utilizes the latest semiconductor technology and Taiwan computer techniques to make the super CPU and special sensor, applying to fasten screws precisely. Compared with a traditional torque tool, DG®-II can show the exact applied torque.

A large LCD and a stable torque increment avoid misreading, which is often occurred with mechanical torque wrench. LED lights are flashing when closing the target torque.
Two tones of a loud buzzer are easily recognized when closing the target torque.
The square or round handle is vibrating when reaching the target torque.
Unit conversions are automatically made among Nm, lbf-ft, lbf-in, and kgf-m.

The DG-II® digital torque wrench has the capacity to store up to 32 torque values in
memory, and can be reviewed easily after working.

This DG®-II has various advantages including showing an accurate value, long-term and easy use, and small power consumption. It is perfect for automobile, motorcycle, aircraft, engines, electronic equipment, and machines.
Stand Tools strives to improve the quality to satisfy every customer. We try our best to introduce DG®-II to the professional tool market. We design new models according to varying market patterns, and serve our customers with various combinations.
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